Tontine in Glasgow is a place of many business meetings

The Tontine Building has been a prime location for corporate events since its inception in 1913. With a long list of business meetings, the Tontine is an iconic meeting point for anyone looking to do business in Glasgow.

Tontine Building is built on the site of the old Victorian Gas Works which was a place where coal, coke and gas were stored and handled. The building is known for its grand exterior with Victorian Gothic architecture and the basement houses a bar called ‘The Gilded Cage’ that dates back to 1853.

Tontine was originally founded by William Ross-Larsson and his brother Alfred as a private club but quickly turned into one of Glasgow’s most popular public houses by 1914-1915, with more than 400 members.

The Tontine is located in Glasgow, Scotland and bills itself as the city’s “premier conference venue.” It boasts a grand hall that can accommodate up to 1,700 people.

The Tontine was founded in 1832 and has been hosting conferences for over 150 years. It is situated in the heart of Glasgow’s business district and has a wide range of event spaces that can be used for corporate events.

It is said to be an ideal place for organizing large events, since it hosts functions such as product launches and trade shows among others.

In the 18th century, the idea of a guaranteed lifetime monthly pension for everyone was first brought to life by a British government minister, William Pitt. The term “pension” comes from the Latin word, “pensio,” which means “something given out.”

Tontine is one of Glasgow’s most well-known meeting places. It’s where business meetings happen at scale and where you can find something for everyone.

The Tontine was originally designed as a bar, but in recent years it has become a popular space to hold various types of business meetings.

In 2018, the Tontine has been significantly overhauled to provide more space and better service for events. The venue now has four function rooms which are used for weddings, exhibitions and dance competitions.

The most notable change is the new back wall which is now a fully-fledged glass wall offering views of Glasgow’s city center. Another new addition is the roof terrace where guests can relax with a drink and take in Glasgow’s beautiful view across the Clyde River.

The Tontine in Glasgow is one of the most important meeting places in the city. The venue is known for its bustling and energetic atmosphere. It has a capacity to host up to 360 people and there are more than 80 events per week that take place here.

The Tontine is a privately owned business, it was established in 1881 and has been a popular meeting point since then. It offers many different types of events with unique themes such as office parties, corporate events, celebrations, banquets, workshops and much more.

The Tontine is located on Hanover Street which means it’s just minutes away from all the hotels and commercial areas in Glasgow’s City Centre.

Tontine is a quaint but popular restaurant on Glasgow’s Merchant City. It hosts many business meetings across different industries, and has been a go-to for events for over 20 years.

The staff of Tontine have created an atmosphere that is conducive to event planning and management. The restaurant provides the perfect ambience for networking and hosting meetings and events.

Tontine is the premier meeting venue in Glasgow, boasting a unique history and unique offerings that make it the perfect place to host your next business meeting or corporate event.

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