Tontine – We have business rooms – organize a meeting with us

Tontine is a unique restaurant that offers a unique idea – organizing your event from start to finish. They have organized events for over 1000 people and are just as much into catering, drinks and decor as they are about food.

Tontine organizes the events for you and manages the process from start to finish, providing you with personal event managers to plan the perfect event in your budget.

The word ‘Tontine’ is known to many as a financial tool, but it also refers to a society of people who are born on the same day with similar features and characteristics. In this context, ‘Tontine’ refers to a monthly event run by Tontine Events where business professionals meet and share their thoughts.

These events are organized in order for professional and aspiring business minds to learn from each other and network. The events happen every month at the same time in London, New York, Dubai, Moscow and Seoul.

We have business rooms and help you organize a meeting with our team.

Tontine is an event organizer that helps you organize a meeting with us. We offer various services including decorating and catering for groups of 20-100 people.

A tontine is a form of an insurance contract that provides lifetime annuities, which are indexed to the cost of living. The tontine is a financial instrument that pays out an annuity over time. It has been around since the 18th century and it has been used by governments, companies and pension funds.

Tontines are often used for corporate events or meetings because they attract attention from those who want to be first in line at the event and make sure they don’t miss out on anything.

We are a more than a place to work out of. We are the place where you can find yourself – and we offer a full range of corporate event packages for all occasions.

We have business rooms – perfect for any type of event catering from small meetings to large conferences, award ceremonies, and networking events.

Tontine has a range of business room options suitable for meetings, events, and brainstorming sessions.

Tontine is a British company specializing in meetings and events management. They offer corporate event planning services, co-marketing campaigns, and office space for meetings and conferences.

Tontine offers a variety of services such as office space, hosting an event at one of their meeting rooms or buying out a whole day for your company. They have also partnered with leading brands such as PepsiCo and L’Oréal to provide business spaces for your meetings.

At Tontine we offer creative spaces to help you organize your meeting or conference in style. We partner with leading brands like Hennessy, PepsiCo and L’Oreal to provide business spaces for your meeting or conference in stylish surroundings.

Tontine is a leading event management company across Asia. We offer variety of corporate events services, including hosting conferences and workshops, organizing team building activities at hotels, organizing corporate events and so much more.

Our team of professional event organizers are ready to organize your meeting with us. We have business rooms and the event facilities to host your meetings for you at the best possible rates.

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